About Us


         Busy Queen is a group of business moms who aim to fully support the needs and necessities of every mother out there. We wish to enlighten the loads of their household by providing accessible and reasonable products and services. After all, we are the first consumers of our facilities. Having too much to do, we occasionally neglect some vital tasks as we are stuck  in traffic going to the grocery, qeueing and paying bills and sometimes doing endless laundry even on the weekends. Oftentimes, we would utter the phrase "I wish" when we get so worn-out at the end of the day. "I wish someone would magically do this daunting task for me so that I can play with my kids, go on a date or simply relax while on Netflix."

      Yes, we heard you! We've ben there really, so allow us to help you in ways you can't imagine. Join us and be ready to enjoy more time with your loved ones. Each home has a queen but you don't have to be the busy one all the time!